Know your customer

How well do you know your customer?

With a range of data being collected by organisations from many different sources, maintaining a clean, up-to-date customer database can be a real challenge.

Add to this address changes, marriages, divorces, data entry errors and inconsistencies when merging data sources, and it’s no wonder that data deteriorates so rapidly over time. The ongoing cost of this includes misdirected invoices, debt collection, ‘lost’ customers and wasted marketing efforts.

FCS OnLine has a range of electronic verification solutions that identify and correct errors during data entry or validate and cleanse your existing customer database by comparing and updating your data against millions of up-to-date entries.

Ideal solutions for:

  • Banking & finance – data quality
  • Telecommunications – less dead calls
  • Utilities – address validation/cleaning
  • Insurance – accurate family details
  • Retail – data entry speed and accuracy
  • Government – less return mail

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