Identi-Check® for AML

Identity verification for Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Compliance

More Than 13 Million Records – Best in Industry Match Rates for AML Compliance

illion's Identi-Check® offers a high-tech solution to protect against credit risk, fraud and money laundering, by quickly verifying people’s information via:

  • Comprehensive cross-referenced databases
  • Sophisticated and tailored scoring models
  • An assessment report analysing predictive patterns related to identity theft, fraud and risk

Identi-Check® is an Australian product with a growing global profile in the consumer lending, banking, telecommunications, insurance and superannuation industries and with any organisations accepting applications or enrolments.

Our comprehensive products allow clients to search the following databases for identity verification:

  • Australian Electoral Roll (for AML/CTF purposes only)
  • Name and Address File (NAD)
  • FCS Public Number Telephone Directory (FCS PND)
  • FCS Historical Name and Address File – 150+ million records dating 10+ years
  • Visa&Passport Verification
  • Property Ownership
  • Medicare
  • Unique Data Source
  • Consumer Credit Bureau

Identi-Check® for AML now includes information from illion's Consumer Credit Bureau with more than 13 million records on individuals in Australia allowing for best in industry match rates

The inclusion of Consumer Credit Bureau data will provide important new information that:

  • Facilitates customer acquisition and growth
  • Accelerates application processing
  • Decreases operational costs
  • Requires only basic 'out-of-wallet' (name, address, date of birth) details, improving the customer experience
  • Complies with AML/CTF legislation and provides information for audit and reporting requirements
  • Can be tailored to meet specific compliance requirements

Identi-Check® for AML can be seamlessly integrated into any existing business applications or incorporated into both manual and automated business processes of any organisation via a web browser UI, XML web service API or batch process.

To learn more about Identi-Check® for AML and discuss how illion can improve your AML compliance and ID verification needs, please contact Client Services on 13 23 33 or email us at

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