Keeping in touch

They once were lost, now they’re found

With thousands of people moving house, changing jobs and shifting interstate every day, it’s not surprising that the contact details in your customer database become outdated.

While many will advise suppliers and creditors of their new details, many just vanish. With no forwarding address and no contact number, your valuable customer becomes un-contactable.

Losing contact with a customer is a costly problem. There’s the lost investment in initially winning their business, the lost revenue from future opportunities, the direct cost of return mail and of course, the costs associated with customers that disappear without paying their bills.

Our range of solutions enable you to confirm that a customer is still at their last known address, update your customer relationship database or actively search and trace un-locatable customers using any information you do have.

Ideal solutions for:

  • Banking & finance – data quality
  • Telecommunications & utilities – locate customers
  • Insurance & investigations – debt recovery
  • Retail – pre call or mail validation
  • Government – reduce return mail

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